How to Invest

Investing with Prudential Shariah

You can invest a once-off amount (lump sum), regular monthly amounts, or if you are already an investor, you can make additional investments when it suits you. An investment minimum applies per fund.
We may use our discretion to change these minimums from time to time and decline a transaction that is below the minimum value. We will process your transaction once we have all the correct documents and when the money reflects in the correct bank account. As an accountable institution we need proof, in terms of FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2001), of an investor's identity and physical address. If applicable, we also need proof for those acting on their behalf or as authorised signatories. For most investors, this simply means a copy of your ID and a utility bill (not older than 3 months). There is a detailed list of documents we will accept on the application form, as well as more information about what is needed for institutions, trusts and companies. Our aim is to keep your investment safe and we'll therefore only complete a transaction once we've received all the required documents.

Individual Investor

Prudential Shariah offers the individual investor opportunities of sole ownership and participation in investment opportunities, the title deeds are held by the investor offering full protection and direct ownership. The full suite of opportunities are available to individuals, which includes short to long term, both capital profit and long term income and capital opportunities. Portfolios can be structured according to the individual needs in terms of required income yields and capital returns. Individual investors can mandate Prudential Shariah to buy and sell investment properties at auction for a profit return of 20-25% (Annualised), this is a full turn key investment facilitated by Prudential Shariah and its contracted service providers.

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Investments are made by way of subscription to PRUDENTIAL SHARIAH (PTY) LTD PROPERTY INVESTMENT SCHEME I, LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) and/or PRUDENTIAL SHARIAH PROPERTY INVESTMENT SCHEME (PTY) LTD (Subscription of shares). Special purpose vehicles formed as approved by the Shariah Board.
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Investors mandate (tawkeel) Prudential Shariah Property Investment Fund to manage their assets in exchange of a fixed Wakalah (agency) fee. Prudential Shariah Property Investment Fund may charge upfront fees as sourcing and acquisition of assets expense.The benchmark returns are net of the Wakalah (Agency) fee. The benchmark returns of 15% annualised returns on capital and investment income yields of 10-12% for income investments are net of all Prudential Fees.

Investment Process

Our Islamic funds will be fully invested in a portfolio of approved real estate assets (See Investment Policy and Objectives). The funds will ensure that the underlying investments comply with Sharia requirements as prescribed by recognised regulatory bodies. In order to achieve the funds' objectives, our team follows a unique investment process that combines a valuation-based screening process, the following core factors are reviewed diligently :

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The Investment Process - Flow Chart